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We’re actually still alive, huh. I wanna say that I’m surprised, but maybe people leaving was the best thing for the group. Maybe we won’t be so dramatic and airheads anymore. Though I do believe it’d be in our best interests to start moving our asses. The coast is clear and we’re not getting any younger, here. 

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Barricade || Anthony & Shiloh


Anthony watched the girl and smiled a little bit. “I guess, but it isn’t amusing to be around,” he then stated before listening to the rest of her statement and processing it. “Not really.. I had enough drama while in school, I don’t need it at the end of the world,” he then commented before shrugging. If she liked the drama, he wasn’t going to bother to say anything. She could deal with it. He would just keep his head down and lay low so that he wouldn’t be bothered. That was the way to survive. At least that was what he thought. 

He then adjusted his bag a little before looking at her shyly once she spoke. She seemed disappointed to him. Judging from the tone, Anthony felt like she was paired with a weak partner. It was a weird feeling for him, since Anthony had never really felt “not good enough” before. Anthony shrugged, “Not that I know of..” Anthony mumbled back as he stood up. He hated not having a power. It made him angry and envious of everyone else. Why did he have to be the normal one? Anthony rubbed his eyes and tried not to focus on it, and instead just looked up at the roof. Eventually he was going to get his power. He was hoping that his was just a little late. With a small sigh, he played with the straps of his backpack before looking back at her again. Was she angry that he didn’t have a power? He’d never really know unless she said so, or stabbed him in the back but that would only come in time. 

They stayed in silence for a while, until he heard Shiloh speak again. “I guess it’s just a little late,” Anthony replied with a small shrug. That was the only explanation that seemed reasonable, so that was what he told her. “What’s your power?” Anthony then asked as he tilted his head a little. That was something that he figured he should get to know. They were a team after all, and it was best to know as much as possible about the other so that they could cover each other’s backs.  

He then watched as Shiloh seemed to start blushing. Anthony couldn’t help but crack a bit of a wider smile as he tried to recall what was in the cans that were in his backpack. “Good, how about tomorrow night? I’ve got crackers and cream of mushroom soup,” Anthony then teased before giving her a playful wink. He then nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back even though I’m currently powerless,” Anthony then stated softly as he stood up and began taking down the barricade. 

He took down the barricade rather quickly without asking for her help. It wasn’t to show off his strength or anything, but it was mainly because he felt like it was the right thing to do. Girls weren’t supposed to do heavily lifting, even though he knew that Shiloh was probably more then capable. He then opened the door and gestured for her to go first. He watched as she left before turning back and whispering a quiet thank you. He nodded before she went down the stairs as quietly as she could. Anthony knew that it was best to let her go first so that he would get all the blame if they got caught. He would have rather let Helena light his ass on fire then Shiloh’s anyway. 

Once Shiloh had made it to the bottom and continued moving, Anthony stared his journey down the stairs so that he could get to his corner of floor and take a nap. It was getting late anyway, and he figured that getting lots of rest would be the best thing to do, since they were going to have a lot of walking tomorrow. Anthony also figured that Shiloh didn’t need him anymore and there wasn’t much else to do, so that was what really made up his mind.

"Well, drama isn’t for the weakest of hearts, I guess." She agreed, shrugging her shoulders a bit and began to move away from the topic. Had Anthony been the loner in school? He didn’t seem like he would. Maybe not be the most popular but certainly, he couldn’t be on the bottom. Shiloh looked down and started to fiddle with her shoelaces, feeling the topic might have made Anthony uncomfortable or uneasy. It was understandable. With all the drama going on around them with the government and trying to survive, she could see why he’d wanna get away from the high school nonsense that they had to put up with everyday. 

But then, she really knew she hit a nerve with the asking of his power, thing. She’d just screwed up big time and she didn’t even know how to heal the wound. Shiloh kept her head down, and nibbling on the inside of her cheek. She could be nosy, if she wanted to. She could also be mean or nice. But ever since she left her house in search of the bunker, her emotions had gotten the best of her. Lately, she didn’t know what she was feeling or how she needed to feel towards others. She would be talking to Eli or Helena and have this sudden need to punch in their face. Maybe it was normal. But nothing seemed normal, lately. 

She held her head up to see his reaction towards the questions. Maybe she really did have the special power to make everything awkward. But once he asked what her power is, she grew speechless. ‘I can change myself..’ Sounded to weird to say. ‘I can shapeshift!’ Nah, that was weird too. Shiloh pursed her lips and tried thinking of a reasonable explanation,”Truthfully? I have no idea. It may be nothing but it may be something.” She’d never talked about her power before in front of anyone. Anthony would be the first to know, she liked that. Without hesitation she thought of the technique she’d been working on, and began flexing her hand out in front of her so Anthony could see. 

"I can’t really control it, but it’s something.." She stated as her nails grew sharp and the skin on her hand seemed to dissolve to reveal cat like markings. But no fur. Quickly, she became embarrassed and flexed her hand again, causing the transformation to go back to her normal hand. "Weird, huh?" She breathed, not thinking much of it either. Shiloh felt a raw tingling sensation spread through her hand, a side effect that she’d grown to ignore, and allowed it to make her whole arm numb. "I have yet to get fur to sprout." She joked, trying to lighten herself up. 

When Anthony smiled widely, Shiloh couldn’t help but grin a little herself. She began to rub her hand free of the numbness and looked down at the floor to process his question,”Yeah! That’s fine.” She looked up in time to catch his wink and found herself growing shy again. Shiloh’s grin turned into a smile at his response, though, making her straighten her back and brush off the silly, shy school girl attitude. “Well I have weapons, so help yourself.” Shiloh said, nodding towards her bag. 

She moved out of the way and quickly stood up, adjusting her bag on her shoulder. Anthony had been too nice towards her. It scared her, yes, but it also made her feel like she’d been almost using him. She felt bad in general. So once she made her way down the stairs, she’d waited for him with her army knife in her hand. It was the most she could give him other than snacks and possible protection. Her voice was low but smooth, trying not to alert the others,”You can have this. Just until you realize what power you’re packing in.” Shiloh handed it off to him and quietly stepped away towards her spot in the house. It would be best if their secret alliance was hidden. People would start getting ideas and maybe even try to break it up. 

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Back To Black

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

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Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

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Northern Downpour

Panic At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.

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Northern Downpour - Panic At The Disco 

"Hey moon, please forget to fall down.
Hey moon, don’t you go down.
Sugarcane in the easy morning.
Weathervanes my one and lonely.”

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